Plants of a biotope

   These are the examples of the plants seen well in biotope.   There are pages of the detailed explanation if you click the photograph.


   It grows in the sunny grassy plain and riverbank, in the slope of a roadside and the mountainous district, the sandy beach of the shore.

Water lily

  It is distributed over a pond and the marsh of the all over Japan widely.



   Flower bloom about June, and there are white, peach, purple, blue, yellow a lot.   There are 5,000 kinds including combinations.


  It is seen in Kyushu from Hokkaido, around village of the forest and the mountains of Yakushima.   It is a Japanese inherent kind, but is not distributed over Ryukyu Islands.

Japanese maple

  In Japan, it is a representative class of colored leaves with a kind of the maple genus seen best.   It is frequent in a low mountain from level ground of Honshu to around 1,000m above sea level.  In the foreign territory, it grow wild in Korean Peninsula, China, Taiwan.

Crape myrtle

  It is a tree representing summer from China.  It has flowers on the branch from the summer to the autumn.  The color of flowers are white, pink, rouge, crimson and violet.  The petals are six pieces.


   It is distributed over East Asia including the whole land of Japan and the northeastern part of the United States.   There are approximately 180 kinds spiderwort genus in the world, and there are five kinds in Japan.

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