Let's make the aquarium biotope 1

・Preparations things
 Water tank, soil, stone, Plant, creature


July 6  We bought a water tank in a home center nearby.
 We took out the contents of the box. Because the filter was contained, we use it. There were the bag that contained the bacteria.
 We washed stones to use for the water tank biotope. We fetched these stones from school biotope. These stones were heavy, and it was hard to carry them.
July 7  We spread gravel all over the water tank today. Therefore at first we put gravel in a bucket.
 We wash gravel with tap water. The image was a feeling washing rice. We should wash three times of gravel.
 We put gravel in a water tank. We had a hard time to take all out of the bucket.
 After having spread gravel, we set the stones which we washed yesterday. We spent time to think about a combination.
July 11  We bought soil to use for a part of the land. We bought this as well as a water tank in a home center.
Was a soil usable for plant upbringing?
 We made a land part. We had a hard time to use up a soil.
July 13  We gathered the plants such as the fern from the school biotope.
A mushroom grew in the school biotope because of rain. It may be a kind with the poison.
  We collected plants of the bank of the pond.
 Similarly we gathered the moss in the bank of the pond.
 We inoculated a land part of the water tank with them. The moss increased from here.

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