Quiz of plants and ecosystem
1DWhere is the growth place that dianthus likes?
The places where grassy plains grow out The places in the cave In water
2DWhat is the origin name of the water lily?
Because white flowers bloom in Hitsuji-no-koku. Because the touch is like the wool. Because the form of the leaf is similar to a sheep.
3DHow many kinds of color of the flower of iris are there?
Approximately 50 kinds Approximately 500 kinds Approximately 5,000 kinds
4DWhat are most kinds of the leaves of shishigashira?
Sporophyll Trophophyll Needle leaves
5DWhich tree is turning red in autumn?
Pine Cedar Maple
6DWhich Chinese name is the crape myrtle?
Hundred eyes rouge Thousand days rouge Hundred days rouge
7DHow many kinds of spiderwort grow in Japan?
1,800 kinds 100 kinds 5 kinds
8DWhich role do "plants" have in ecosystem?
Consumers Producers Disintegraters
9DWhich role do flesh-eating animals have in ecosystem?
Consumers Producers Disintegraters
10DWhat must you not do to keep ecosystem?
Keep the fish which you caught in the water tank at home. Let the fish which you kept go to a river. Eat the fish which you bought in a shop.