Quiz of creatures
1DWhat is the origin of the word biotope?
Compound of bio and hazard Compound of bio and topoi Compound of bio and topis
2DWhat is bait of wild killifish?
Person Tortoise and crawfish Plankton and mosquito larva
3DWhich shrimp larva matures in the sea?
Yamato shrimp Minami freshwater shrimp Line shrimp
4DWhich are natural enemies of American crawfish?
Chinafish and largemouth bass Killifish and fresh water shrimps Tadpoles and mosquito larva
5DWhich is the tortoise in Japan?
Mississippi red-ear turtle pond turtle spotted turtle
6DWhat is the eating habit of Show Ryo locust?
Omnivorousness Herbivory Flesh-eating
7DWhat is the main reason why deep red dragonfly goes north?
Feeling Global warming Spurted by wind
8DWhat is the thing that larva of cabbage butterfly eats?
Cabbage and broccoli Sap Other insects
9DWhich is bait of the frogs?
Dandelion Person Small insect
10DAs for larva of Heike firefly, which is bait?
Mud snail and marsh snail Atractylodes and beetle Firefly