Explore a river

・Preparations thin
 Fishing net, Bucket, Plastic case



September 10  We went for the exploration to look for the creature which was in the river nearby.
 The river was deep than we thought, and we almost got wet .There were much killifish and the big fish, too.In addition, there was a lot of shrimp, too.
The fish was fast that we were not able to catch it. Therefore we used the small net in small puddle, but after all it was fast and we could not catch it.
 At last we caught a fish of around 10cm. When we put it in a plastic case and saw it, it was very beautiful.
 Probably we think that it was a fry of the dace.We put it back to the river after this.
 In this way, we want to leave the river where a lot of creatures live in in a clean state.

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