September 16  We found the hole which was dug up when we walked near the pond of the biotope. We think that a wild boar did it.
     There is a mountain on the back of the school. We think that the wild boar which went down from the mountain did it. We did not think that such a trouble happened possibly. We think about what kind of measures we shall take from now on.
    September 21  It was good that the larval state that shined came out. The photograph which the larva of the firefly which we introduced last time glittered seemed to come out.
    October 9  There was the trace which a wild boar dug up again when we came to the pond after a long absence.It was hard to be dug up a lot, and to put it back.
     We took out the stone which sank toward the bottom of the pond today.The lot including the heavy stone and flowerpot was sunk.A pond of the biotope became really beautiful in this.
    November 26  We came to the pond after a long absence. Wild boars came and dug up soils.  Soils were dug up a lot, and it was hard to put them back.
     Because it became almost winter, and fallen leaves increased, and the brook became hard to flow. We removed fallen leaves.  It was hard to remove them.
    November 30  We found a big larva of dragonfly in the pond of the biotope. We think that it is probably the larva of jumbo dragonfly. It was big and we felt slightly sick.
    December 3  Maples turned red.  In contrast, pines remained green. We can understand the difference between deciduous trees and evergreen trees well.
    January 5  In the New Year, a lot of leaves fell again.
     It was hard to removie the leaves because they sank into the bottom of the pond.
     Many leaves fell into the brook.
     The leaves got wet with water and were very heavy.
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