September 3  We cut the grass which grew a lot with "parent and child work" today.The grass which grew disappeared and became beautiful so far.
    September 7  We found a small insect stopping on the leaf today. The form was similar to a firefly, but we thought, "it will not be a firefly possibly". It is at the early summer when a firefly flies. We thought that the marsh snail is necessary for a larva to grow up.
     At the night of this day, we asked the teacher of the school to observe night biotope.
     Then small points that shined in some green seemed to be found in a brook of the biotope. Because it was very weak light, it did not appear in the camera, but the photograph on the left came out when we could use a flash shine.
     This form is surely like the larva of the firefly. Not the firefly like Japanese firefly, it is like the firefly to emit light at the age of a larva.
     Still we understood that fireflies inhabited and was impressed very much.
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