July 22
     Would you understand it?An upper photograph is a photograph of the time when We just took the algae. A lower photograph is a photograph after having removed sludge to some extent yesterday.
     Waterweeds abnormally multiplied in estimated former plastic greenhouse in the loser of the scientific garden. We think that it is lotus and Amazon frog bit. We want to multiply a waterweed here today in a pond.
     We sank the waterweed thought to be the lotus in the pond, but have been isolated.   Invention seems to be necessary.
     We decided to put it on a flowerpot, and to sink it.  At first we move soil to some extent and put a lotus.  And we filled a little space such as the roots of the lotus with soil and was able to be depressed.
     The upper strategy failed. My foot has fallen into the pond.
     As the second strategy, We packed stones in substitution for soil.  We are packing stones.
     The second strategy succeeded. A lotus did not float from a flowerpot from the water.The purpose to put a waterweed in the pond in this first of all was achieved.
    July 25  The leaf of the lotus which we sank last time in the pond appeared on the surface of the water. Because the flowerpot was sinking into the bottom of the pond, stems lengthened above the surface of the water in only three days.We ware surprised at the growth speed of the plant.
     Today's activity cured the placement of the stone called Kameishi. We washed a part of Kameishi.
     This is Kameishi that recovered. As can be seen, it looks like a tortoise by the combination of six stones. We could not see a figure of big Mississippi Common slider.
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