June 25
     There was a tortoise.This type is probably the red eared slider.It is a young of the red-eared turtle to see in alias fairs.
     Figures of the baby turtles were seen well so far. We confirmed the tortoise of adult.
     We found it having appeared by chance outside a pond on that day.We think that it struck the land because it rained on that day.Because the shell was about to dry, it went back up quietly in the pond.
    But a red-eared turtle is a foreign creature to be watched out as well as an American crawfish.Originally the spotted turtle which was in Japan wants this biotope to come sometime soon.
     Killifish and prawns gathered when we put a hand for a while in biotope. The skin of the finger was eaten by killifish like some Doctor Fish, and the legs of the shrimps on a hand ware itchy. However, we felt that we were liked by creatures of the biotope.
     We discovered a mystery fish. We think it to be the child of the carp or a goldfish from a hue. Because We never saw it before cleaning it, We might be brought from somewhere. Who would discharge it in what kind of purpose?
     An American crawfish went up to the surface of the water using a wall. We gave a creature of the biotope bread crumbs as bait then. It is thought that the American crawfish went up to here to eat bread crumbs.
     The flower of the lotus bloomed. It is clean white.Because it bloomed after rain, We think whether rain is connected with a flower blooming.
    July 16  We came to see grasshoppers well recently in biotope. Will this show that environment changed?
    July 21  We are taking the sludge of the pond. It was very difficult to take the sludge with a shovel. In addition, a lot of garbage came out.
     This is the sludge which was produced when we used the net. We understand that it is very dirty.
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