Artificial Nature Biotope


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  • Quiz

   Quiz of cretures

   Quiz of plants and ecosystem

Finding creatures

   Let's find hiding creatures.  A creature hides under the stones or the waterweeds.  You find the creature, and drag it to a goal before a hand on the watch goes around.  There are 3 stages in total.


   Let's explore biotope.  A scene changes when you click arrows.  One creature hides in one scene by all means.  When a creature is hiding and you put a mouse on it, a magnifying glass comes out.  A creature is found when you click the magnifying glass and you can get points.  In addition, you can see a page of the explanation in this site with the another window if you click a  button "Reference page".   The exploration is finished if you click a button "end the exploration" and you can see your score in time.
   It is 50 points when you find all creatures.   Please challenge this game.

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